The Devil's Troubadours

by The Devil's Troubadours

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released December 5, 2015

Recorded In Arvada, Colorado @ World Famous Studios By Chris Hahn and John Prysner



all rights reserved


The Devil's Troubadours Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Fight Song
Stay strong my friend, that punch is an anchor that will drag you a long way down. And I've been to the bottom of the sea, it's no place for me. I don't like the way you talk, maybe we should brawl, Oh my god, I love the sight of blood when you hit the floor. So long my friend, to the piece of my heart that you once found yourself in. And I've been to the bottom of the sea and it's no place to be. Of all the people to slit your throat. No, I'll never see you again.
Track Name: Without The Power
Over and over we sing our songs. The only ones who listen are those who are done wrong. But all of us as one is such a sight to see. Their power can not hold us, they've got no power over me. Their power creates violence their power makes you bleed. No we hear the sirens the sounds that make us flee. But all of us as one is such a sight to see. Their power can not hold us they've got no power over me. I wish to be the one to help you win the fight. Don't place yourself in shackles and hope to keep your rights. Now listen to these words and then make your own. Without the power of people then we don't have a home. No more sunlight.
Track Name: Filthy Punks
I will never forget, Hanson and Sunset. It's where I met the love of my life and the filthy punks we never had enough until the sun was up. It's always a part of me. Memories with the vandals and the sharps in our scene, screaming in the loft until our throats would bleed it's a part of me, always a part of me. The times they pass, The mischief wouldn't last. Tattoos in the garage with a makeshift gun, the summer sun never saw anyone. It's always a part of me. Me and Johnny sleeping in the middle of the road. All my brothers know they've already been told they're a part of me. Always a part of me. All this life's brought to me. I remember our ties. These scars they never lie. Dive into the pit with me they keep me free with the microphone shoved into my teeth. It's always a part of me. The ones always there to keep the knives out my back, 10 years old til now as a matter of fact. It's a part of me. Nobody told us why the world was so cruel, all we knew is that we weren't like the other fools. It's so much easier to live your life when the people by your side share your outlook in life.
Track Name: Suddenly
She ties a bow around her broken hand
A quick memento of a life ruined by an evil man
She tries to find the missing strength to stand
but this lesson in her life, falling with no where to land
Her family knowing, they don't understand
why so much potential would die in a bed of lies
No she never gave herself a chance, in her hopeless mind
the hero will always die

Suddenly I seem, to remember why I disappeared
and why I scream today.
If you follow me you'll see, Circles in the ground beneath
Because like you I fear all the scenes ahead of me.

He found himself on the streets at night
It was a way for him to give in to all the pain inside
He grew up fighting everyone in sight
with his father dying over seas, his mind he new it wasn't right
I had a drink with him the other night
He beat someone to death for his crew now he's in for life
Nobody wrote him when he was inside, It's a hollow life
and your actions keep you out of time

I've realized in this life of mine
we have a common threat it's a battle against our selfish minds
I have wept a thousand times for a life that's lost
A piece of mind you can not find.